Erling Haaland destroys Arsenal fan KSI after Man City beat Gunners to Premier League title

Erling Haaland destroys Arsenal fan KSI after Man City beat Gunners to Premier League title

Erling Haaland’s message to KSI has been shared on social media (Image: Getty Images)

On the last day of the season, Manchester City defeated Arsenal to win the Premier League, and City forward Erling Haaland amused himself by making fun of YouTuber KSI.

After City’s victory, football fans thought Erling Haaland was alluding to Arsenal’s potential to choke the Premier League when he made fun of Gunners supporter KSI.

With ten games remaining, Arsenal was leading the league; however, some have identified their March 31 draw against City as a turning point. Midfielder Rodri of City made reference to the mindsets of the two teams, with Mikel Arteta’s team appearing content to settle for a point.

With nine games remaining, City won nine, while Arsenal lost to Aston Villa, earning three more points than the Gunners. But it took until the very last day to determine the title, as Haaland and his teammates had to defeat West Ham at home.

The Norwegian striker has a working relationship with KSI after agreeing to promote the YouTuber’s Prime energy drink. And now, following Arsenal’s inability to win the league, the football player has messaged KSI for the second consecutive season.

Haaland is seen texting his friend in a video that has been posted on social media. “KSI, it didn’t go [your way] this year either, but it’s not only negative news,” he said.

He held up a bottle of Prime, branded with Erling Haaland, and paused before saying, “I’m popping this one because it’s a bit positive as well. Salutations. Have fun with this bottle of wonderful liquor and enjoy your evening.”

‘Bottle’ was used, and it was noticed. A few others commented, “Enjoy this bottle… he knows what he’s doing,” and a third wrote, “Ain’t no way he said enjoy this bottle.” One fan wrote, “Damn that’s cold.”

Erling Haaland destroys Arsenal fan KSI after Man City beat Gunners to Premier League title

Haaland has won the league title in both of his first two Manchester City seasons ( Image: Getty Images)

The message was sent a year after Haaland spoke with KSI in private following Arsenal’s 2022–23 title collapse. In an interview with The MMA Hour in May 2023, KSI discussed Haaland’s response following the Gunners’ 3-0 home loss to Brighton, which effectively gave City the top spot.

“It’s hilarious, you know how funny it is. The boxer and internet sensation stated, “Haaland messaged me literally today, and he just sent me a GIF.” “Hi, my name is KSI Man. However, I did send him a video, which I won’t reveal here, but it’s funny to see how well he and Man City are doing right now. I’m furious and it’s hilarious.”

“No, I’m not anxious. No, really, Man City has won; the season is over. That’s just the way things are. The objective was Champions League, and somehow we’ve managed to be in the running for the title for a short while. Overall, I’m still incredibly proud of Arsenal. It is quite amazing that Man City has won six times in the last seven years. Well done.”


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