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Main Reason Why Erik ten Hag drags Bruno Fernandes away from Sky interview after he’s asked about his future

Recent days have seen a lot of speculation about Bruno Fernandes’ future at Manchester United. Following the team’s victory over Newcastle, the midfielder gave a significant hint.

Erik ten Hag drags Bruno Fernandes away from Sky interview after he's asked about his future

Bruno Fernandes was whisked away mid-interview by Erik ten Hag (Image: Sky Sports)

In the middle of an interview with Sky Sports, Bruno Fernandes, the star player for Manchester United, made a hint about his future. Erik ten Hag pulled him away.

Shortly after Fernandes revealed details about his stay at Old Trafford, the 54-year-old Dutch gaffer cut him off on his television talk show. The future of the master midfielder has recently been the talk of the town, with reports suggesting that Bayern Munich is interested in him and that Cristiano Ronaldo is keen for a reunion at Al-Nassr.

When questioned by Sky Sports about staying with the Red Devils, the 29-year-old responded, “I will be,” with just two years remaining on his contract. I have to be wanted by the club. I want to be a part of the future, the club says.

“As I’ve always stated, I want to be a player that the team wants on the team. I’ll leave if they decide they don’t want me for whatever reason. But I’ll stay if that’s what they want.”

Ten Hag, eager to strike up a conversation with the supporters following Manchester United’s thrilling 3-2 home victory over Newcastle, intervened before he could say anything more.

Erik ten Hag drags Bruno Fernandes away from Sky interview after he's asked about his future

Erik ten Hag dragged Bruno Fernandes away as he opened up on his future (Image: Sky Sports)

According to the Mirror, Fernandes had been at his best against the Magpies, but before Ten Hag swept him off his feet, he had to answer the question of whether he had anything to prove following a lackluster season for the team.

“A captain’s performance doesn’t exist; a team’s performance does,” he declared. A player must give their all for the team, and just because I wear the armband doesn’t make me any different from anyone else. You are not expected to perform better because of the armband. That’s what the chest does.

“I always try to give it my all because I know that my teammates do the same and we always strive to give the club our all. Nobody denies that we represent a major league team and must perform to a higher level each and every time.”

Now, Fernandes wants to make an impression in the last two games of the season for the Red Devils. United’s hopes of playing in Europe are in shambles as they prepare to play Brighton in their final league game of the year.

They must at least beat Newcastle’s outcome if they hope to qualify for Europe through the league the following season. Then, everyone will be watching the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Wembley for the second time in a row.


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