During the Man City interview, Jurgen Klopp makes the Sky Sports interviewer make a U-turn towards Liverpool.

Speaking after Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Manchester City at Anfield

During the Man City interview, Jurgen Klopp makes the Sky Sports interviewer make a U-turn towards Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp is the manager of Liverpool. (Photo courtesy of Sky Sports)

After Liverpool’s draw with Manchester City at Anfield, Jurgen Klopp couldn’t help but ask Sky Sports reporter Patrick Davidson a few pointed questions.

Liverpool supporters were furious that they were not given a penalty kick in added time following a thrilling ninety minutes that saw the hosts dominate the second half and City have the better of the first. In the penalty area, Alexis Mac Allister challenged for the ball, but Jeremy Doku appeared to catch him on the chest.

After a brief VAR review, it was determined that Doku had touched the ball, upholding the on-field ruling. Following the controversial incident in which Klopp was seen arguing his case with referee Michael Oliver at full time, Davidson asked Klopp what he thought of the ruling.

Journalist: “Jurgen, you do like putting me on the spot.” Klopp asked Davidson to respond after reversing the question.

The head coach of Germany eventually answered, saying: “It was [a reasonable conversation to have]! It’s not important to listen to our opinions, but you could ask him.

“Would you have given the penalty in that situation?” “Isn’t it [VAR] there for just making the right decision and not thinking about how high the bar is to overturn a decision?” Klopp wondered in response to Davidson’s statement that he was not surprised the decision was upheld.

Before Klopp could answer, Davidson made a joke about whether he wanted the microphone. The Liverpool manager then said, “Anywhere else on the pitch that is a 100% foul, and it’s a yellow card.” He kicks him only because his foot is up here after he hits the ball. You could argue that even though he hit the ball, he kills him if the ball isn’t there.

“You’ll come across individuals like Mike Dean—does he work for Sky? Congrats! It’s a great appointment, by the way, but he’ll find something, and everyone else will too.

“It’s a penalty for all football people on the planet, if you don’t think so, maybe you’re not a football person.”

Liverpool now sits second in the Premier League table, goal differential behind Arsenal, as a result of the draw. The Reds’ next match is an FA Cup match against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

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