Bukayo Saka caught lying as Arsenal star faces awkward dressing room question

Bukayo Saka had to field some awkward questions concerning his teammates at Arsenal.

Bukayo Saka caught lying as Arsenal star faces awkward dressing room question

Bukayo Saka faced awkward Arsenal questions during a lie detector test (Image: Arsenal)

During a heated lie detector test to find out what Bukayo Saka truly thought of his teammates at Arsenal, he was exposed. The former CIA employee who was questioning the Gunners star was supposed to have technology that could determine whether Saka was being truthful about his coworkers.

Though he was caught in the act of lying about who the smartest player in the Arsenal dressing room was, the winger was largely unfazed during the session. “Is there anyone more intelligent than you in the squad?” was the question posed to him.

Saka said, “No,” before reaffirming that he was the smartest player at Arsenal. The England international was mockingly asked to be honest after being informed that he was lying.

“All right, there might be two or three.” said Saka. Leo Trossard. He is extremely intelligent. That Jorginho is one smart cookie. It seems as though I’m missing someone. No, I’ll only rank those two higher than me.

Saka, though, felt, rather hilariously, that he had exposed the technology when he purposefully lied in answer to a question. “Have you ever practiced a goal celebration in front of the mirror?” the questioner asked him.

Saka said, “No,” but then burst out laughing when the lie detector insisted he was being honest. The 22-year-old exclaimed, laughing, “I was kidding. Naturally, I have! Yes, I have! Mr. CIA?

Arsenal legend David Seaman has issued a strong warning to Saka, telling him to stop pretending to be hurt during games. When Saka is not seriously injured, the former England shot-stopper has observed that he frequently waves to the physiotherapist.

The moment I saw the tackle, I immediately thought, ‘That’s a red card!’ In his Seaman Says podcast, he stated, “He went over the top of the ball but then caught him on his knee and then dragged it down his shin.”

It wasn’t even a yellow card, though. I am aware that the VAR can only deal with red cards; they cannot give him a yellow one.

He must also constantly wave since that is typically used to alert the physio bench when someone is in trouble, Seaman continued. I’ve noticed a lot of other players doing it as well, so it’s not just Saka.

“That was always the indication that you were seriously injured so that they could quickly prepare to go on when the referee gave them the all-clear. However, athletes are already making that signal, getting up, and not even getting medical attention. They are rule benders, so trust me when I say they will try everything!


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