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BREAKING: Roy Keane, Emmanuel Adebayor and Ian Wright agree on Man City title slip-up prediction

Manchester City is supported by a number of pundits and is aware that they must win all four of their remaining games to win the Premier League.

Roy Keane, Emmanuel Adebayor and Ian Wright agree on Man City title slip-up prediction

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane (Image: Crystal Pix/MB Media/Getty Images)

Many former players and commentators have predicted that Manchester City will win the Premier League title if they win each of their final four games.

The Blues are aiming for a record-tying fourth consecutive championship and are confident they will hold the trophy in their hands if they win every game. After losses to Crystal Palace and Everton, Liverpool’s pursuit has stalled, and Arsenal must now play catch-up after losing to Aston Villa.

After their 3-2 victory over Tottenham on Sunday, the Gunners are a point ahead of the competition despite having played one extra game. Although Mikel Arteta will exert maximum effort to put his old team under pressure, many experts think Man City will win every game without faltering.

The player for both clubs, Emmanuel Adebayor, is dubious about Arsenal’s chances of winning all four games—Bournemouth, Manchester United, and Everton—while City will play Wolves, Fulham, Spurs, and West Ham to finish the campaign.

The Premier League Productions of Emmanuel Adebayor

“Although this Arsenal team is incredibly young and talented, I’m not sure if they will win nine [points] out of nine at this point because anything can happen.

“We all thought they would win the match against Aston Villa a few weeks ago, but they ended up losing 0–2 at home, which made it difficult.

But when it comes to Man City, I can confidently say that they can win their next 20 games because of their approach to the game and their roster of experienced players.

“If Spurs play like [they did v Arsenal] against Man City, with the big man [Erling Haaland] coming back full of confidence, scoring, looking sharp, looking fit, then it will be very, very difficult for them.”

Roy Keane Football

“Winning football games over the past few years has given them a really good habit. Now, I believe City will win every game.”

“I believe so [that the Forest match was City’s biggest obstacle],” he continued. The title is City’s now, I believe.”

Premier League Productions, Ian Wright

They knew they couldn’t afford to lose any games, so more than anything, they would have been relieved by the Spurs’ outcome. Given that it appears that City can win every one of their [fixtures], I’ll venture to say that we can win every one of them.

“The hardest one will be Bournemouth. Given how transparent Man United is, we could be able to visit them, exercise discipline, and defeat them. Everton is secure. You believe Bournemouth will win, but once more, you watch Man City play, and I don’t know who will be able to stop them.”

Sherwood Tim
First Division Productions

“I believe Arsenal will win their final three games, but it won’t be enough. All I have to say is Man City will win the final four.

“I know Tottenham’s not a good ground for Man City, but the way Tottenham played today [in the 3-2 defeat to Arsenal], if they leave the same spaces for Man City, they are going to get exploited.”

Gary Neville
Sky Sports

“You can never predict what will occur at Old Trafford. For teams, it can be a graveyard. That has to be considered a huge game, even with Manchester United’s current form.

“Teams from the lower half of the table have triumphed at Old Trafford, but teams from the upper half have struggled there.

“Liverpool famously lost an FA Cup quarterfinal there a few months ago, and they drew in the league, which was likely the beginning of the end for Liverpool. One should never undervalue a match at Old Trafford.

“I believe Arsenal will set a record that stands at 100 percent. Is the Old Trafford game a certainty? For me, everything will depend on how City performs over the course of the next week or two.

Sky Sports’ Paul Merson

“It is impossible for Man City to lose any of their games. The wolves aren’t at their strongest. The team to beat is Fulham. The team that could harm them is that one. Fulham can cause issues if City give them the same opportunities that they gave Forest. However, City always seems to improve when they have a game to win.”

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Spurs are a threat to Man City. They have previously. Their play style, press-aggressiveness, transitional speed, and quickness on the wings are all impressive. That is the game that I am examining.”



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