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Breaking News: Man Utd supporters ‘given heart attack’ as Bruno Fernandes pens emotional message

Bruno Fernandes’ poignant message has caused the Man Utd fanbase to go into meltdown.

Breaking News: Man Utd supporters 'given heart attack' as Bruno Fernandes pens emotional message

Bruno Fernandes has paid homage to Man Utd. (Image: Getty)

In the midst of persistent transfer rumors, Bruno Fernandes wrote an impassioned, sincere, and loving letter to Manchester United supporters this morning, sending supporters into a frenzy. The Red Devils are in the FA Cup final against Manchester City tomorrow, and the Portuguese maestro has paid his respects to them.

After a terrible season that saw him leave the Champions League group stage and finish in eighth place in the Premier League, Fernandes has been linked to a possible summer departure from United.

The 29-year-old midfielder will go down in club history as the greatest acquisition of the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era.

However, since moving from Sporting Lisbon to United in January 2024, he has only won the Carabao Cup last season.

This weekend, when United looks to exact revenge on the team that defeated them in the FA Cup final the previous year, he has the chance to secure a second at Wembley Stadium.

Just over a day before kickoff, Fernandes sent a lengthy message on The Players’ Tribune that he addressed to “Dear United,” giving the supporters a collective heart attack.

The United captain appeared to be getting ready to say farewell in advance of a summer relocation.

However, after reading the tearful letter, it seems to be the reverse. Fernandes expressed his desire to stay at Old Trafford as part of his love for the team and its supporters.

“I have an obligation to give more after this trying time. I am the first to do it. And tomorrow is when it begins. We have to go forward and give it our all in this final game against City,” Fernandes wrote.

“There is nothing I love more than taking a stroll around Old Trafford. I’m not ready to go. My dream come true has always been this one.

“All I want is for my standards to match the club’s expectations. Every fan you speak with will tell you the same thing.

“We want to be in the league and compete. We want to be playing football in the Champions League. The cup finals is where we want to be. That’s the norm. That’s what I’m after. All of you deserve that.

All I want to do is keep fighting. I’d like to be present. My folks would like to attend. You only need to glance at my Spotify Wrapped to see that, even if you’re still not convinced.

What will be on Fernandes’ Spotify Wrapped beyond Glory Glory Man United is only a guess. The Stones, Roses? The People Who Courteen? One Calypso, united?

There’s no denying that he has expressed his wish to stay in Manchester.

The ball is on INEOS’ side of the court, but United needs to match his ambition both on and off the field.


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