Breaking News: José Mourinho back in the game, appointed as new head coach of Fenerbahçe

José Mourinho can never be away from the game for too long. Less than five months have passed since his dismissal from AS Roma, and he’s returning to the Bosporus with his skills. He was named the new manager of Fenerbahçe SK on Sunday. Fenerbahçe SK is one of the most illustrious teams in Turkish football, but they haven’t won the championship in ten years.

Thousands of Fener supporters crowded into the stadium to welcome him in stunning scenes. In his first Chelsea press conference, Mourinho referred to himself as “a special one”—and he quickly demonstrated that he was, in fact, “The Special One”—on this day exactly twenty years ago.

“I want to express my gratitude for your love. After a win, a coach is typically adored. In this instance, I feel loved even before the wins. That feels like a really big responsibility to me.

“I swear to you that I am now a member of your family. My skin is this shirt. There’s nowhere better [than here] to experience the passion that is football. You are the heart and soul of the football team, which is why I wanted to play for you as soon as I met the president. I would like to be your all-around coach.

“I would like a job in Turkish football.” Aiding the Turkish league is my goal. But Fenerbahce is what matters most to me. Your dreams become mine as soon as I sign my contract.

José Mourinho, as cited in The Guardian

box office is still in operation today.

José, good luck!

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