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Breaking News: Erling Haaland breaks social media silence after Roy Keane calls him a ‘spoilt brat’

Following Roy Keane’s criticism of him during Sky Sports’ Super Sunday coverage, Erling Haaland took to social media.

After Roy Keane’s remarks about him on Sky Sports, Erling Haaland has spoken out on social media.

In Manchester City’s 5-1 victory over Wolves on Saturday, Haaland scored four goals, bringing his total in the Premier League to 25 this season and making significant progress toward a second straight Golden Boot.

But when he was replaced by Julian Alvarez late in the second half, he spoke passionately with Pep Guardiola and seemed frustrated.

Then, while on the bench, he angrily threw tape; however, Guardiola subsequently stated that his outbursts were due to several fouls that were not called against him.

But while reporting Liverpool’s 4-2 victory over Spurs, Keane went on to criticize the Norwegian striker and refer to him as a “spoilt brat”.

The panel was talking about Mo Salah and Klopp’s altercation on the touchline at the London Stadium last week.

Keane said on Sky Sports, “We saw Haaland yesterday being brought off, not too happy… behaving like a spoilt brat.”

“But because Man City win the game and he scores goals, it’s almost forgotten about.”

Another tense moment occurred when presenter Dave Jones asked Keane if it was okay to be a “spoilt brat” after scoring four goals, to which Keane responded with a staredown.

Haaland did not answer at first, but he has now responded in a distinctive manner.

He shared a photo of a beach sunset with the caption “Peace” on his Instagram story.

Keane and Haaland have already engaged in a verbal sparring match after the former Manchester United player claimed that his style of play was similar to that of a “League Two player” following City’s 0-0 draw with Arsenal.

Keane and Haaland’s father went back to their playing days, and on Saturday, the record-breaking son of Haaland responded coldly.

He said, “I really don’t care about that man, so that’s all right,” in response to a question from Viaplay about whether the League Two level remark had “fired him up” in last games.

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