BREAKING: Benjamin Sesko approves summer transfer as Aubameyang fires insult

Arsenal news: Benjamin Sesko approves summer transfer as Aubameyang fires insult

Benjamin Sesko has given the thumbs up to a move to Arsenal (Image: Getty Images)

Prior to the upcoming season, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is already putting together a list of prospective transfer targets, and it looks like a new striker is at the top of the Gunners’ wish list.

After losing the Premier League title by the narrowest of margins, Arsenal has no intention of staying still.

On the last day of the season, Manchester City defeated the Gunners. Throughout the season, Mikel Arteta assisted his team in shattering several records. Even though it was an incredible year, preparations are already in motion for the upcoming season. Arsenal will always try to strengthen their team through the transfer market.

Several celebrities have already been connected to moves to the Emirates, and some well-known Gunners players may even depart. Check out everything that has been reported from North London in the last 24 hours.

Sesko is considering joining Arsenal.

The likelihood that Arsenal will be able to sign Benjamin Sesko, a striker for RB Leipzig, has significantly increased. This summer, the forward would prefer to relocate to North London.

If they can arrange the best deal for Sesko, the German side would be willing to sell him soon. Arsenal may have competition from Chelsea and Manchester United, even though they are in the lead.

Prior to the summer transfer, Arteta’s team has considered other strikers besides Sesko. The Gunners can also go with Brighton’s Evan Ferguson and Ajax’s Brian Bobbey.

Slamming Arteta, Aubameyang

Speaking of strikers, Mikel Arteta allegedly accused former Arsenal player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of “putting a knife in his back.” The Gabon international was shipped to Barcelona after losing his captaincy at Arsenal.

“Coach, I’m coming to see you because I’d like to leave, I’m going to go pick up my mother to bring her back for the holidays,” Aubameyang said, describing the incident. “My mother had a stroke a few months before. It was going to be Christmas time so I went to see the coach.” He says there’s no issue.

“When I get there, the coach has just concluded his meeting when he grabs me and starts screaming at me like I’m crazy and says, ‘You put a knife in my back.'” With all that we’re going through, you can’t do that to me. I tell myself at that point that I won’t respond to him because it will end badly.

BREAKING: Benjamin Sesko approves summer transfer as Aubameyang fires insult

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has opened up on his Arsenal exit ( Image: Getty Images)

Watkins discusses dream translation
Ollie Watkins, a former striker for Arsenal, has stated that his “dream” move would be to North London, changing his status from former player to possibly future striker. “That’s the dream to play for Arsenal one day,” he stated in a 2020 speech at the London Football Awards.

But the chances are slim. The only reason is that my family helps them and all that. However, that’s a long-term objective.

Watkins recently concluded what was likely one of his best seasons with Aston Villa. Throughout the season, he led the team in goals scored with 27 and assists with 13 across all competitions.

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