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Based on his exceptional performance, it is highly likely that he will be awarded the Ballon D’or next season.There will be a state of astonishment among everyone. Manchester United’s star player has received appreciation for a crucial attribute that will assist the team in their pursuit of success in the Champions League.

Alejandro Garnacho is undoubtedly the most skilled player in Manchester United, and there is one specific attribute that sets him apart and allows him to perform exceptionally well.

The 19-year-old delivered another spectacular performance, drawing two penalties for United in their 2-0 victory over Everton.

Garnacho is currently having his most successful individual season for the Premier League powerhouse, having scored seven goals and provided three assists.

He is renowned for his adeptness in utilizing his speed and aggressively attacking defenses in the United’s offensive play. This is the aspect that talkSPORT’s Tony Cascarino admires the most about the Argentine player.

During an interview on the Weekend Sports Breakfast, the ex-Chelsea forward expressed his admiration for Garnacho’s willingness to consistently engage in direct confrontations with opposing players.

“Throughout the years, Manchester United has had a succession of wingers such as Stevie Coppell, Gordon Hill, and Ryan Giggs, among others.”

“There are numerous individuals who are willing to challenge and confront a player, and he possesses that ability.”

“At times, he truly desires to challenge opponents. Ultimately, he was the decisive factor that distinguished the two teams yesterday.”

Garnacho’s contributions in the match against Everton, including the successful penalties by Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford, may have a significant impact on Manchester United’s pursuit of a top-four position.

Erik ten Hag’s team is now trailing fourth-placed Aston Villa by a margin of eight points, with ten remaining matches in this season.

United achieved a third-place finish in the previous campaign, indicating that they have a significant amount of work ahead of them in order to reproduce this success.
However, a challenging encounter could potentially overwhelm them, resulting in them having to accept a position among the top seven instead.

Upcoming matches against Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle, and Arsenal are still pending in the remaining weeks.

Securing a spot in the Champions League is not guaranteed, but it would be premature to dismiss United’s chances in the competition.

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