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‘Are you a golfer?’ The article delves into the intricate dynamics of the rivalry between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, focusing on their respective roles at Manchester City and Liverpool FC.

Pep Guardiola may have experienced some sleep disturbances in his urban dwelling this week, but the encouraging news for the fatigued Manchester City manager is that more restful nights are on the horizon, only a few months away. The unfortunate reality is the obstacles that must be overcome in order for him to achieve the satisfaction of successfully completing another job and being able to rest contentedly.

This weekend has the potential to be the decisive day in the competition for the championship. Given Arsenal’s impressive performance and the possibility of them being at the top of the standings on Sunday, the highly anticipated match between City and Liverpool at Anfield has been eagerly anticipated for quite some time.

Out of the nine years Guardiola has spent in England, this particular game has caused him the greatest difficulty. It is the one he desires the most to win, but finds it the most challenging to achieve. His sole triumph at Anfield occurred in February 2021, during a match played without spectators. However, more noteworthy are the instances when he has been unable to manage his emotions, much to the amusement of the Kop.

His memorable tirade after Liverpool’s 3-1 victory in November 2019, where he defiantly gestured towards fourth official Mike Dean and Anfield’s Main Stand in frustration at unfavorable decisions against City, will not be easily forgotten. However, it is not just the stadium of Anfield that motivates Guardiola to the point of frustration, but also the intense competition against Liverpool and the rivalry with Jurgen Klopp.

The mix of factors has likely caused Guardiola to experience sleepless nights this week. As Guardiola himself acknowledged in January, when Klopp announced his departure from Liverpool after this season, he will find relief and sleep more soundly once the German manager is no longer in charge. The impending departure is imminent, but, City must first undermine it.


The head-to-head encounters have exerted a significant influence on their careers, beyond any other factor. This weekend marks the 30th encounter between Guardiola and Klopp, when they will be positioned a short distance apart in their respective technical areas.

This is the managers’ most frequent meeting. In terms of historical encounters, Jose Mourinho has met Guardiola the most times (25), while Klopp’s most frequent opponent is Dieter Hecking (21).

However, it is possible that it may be the 30th and final one. There is a chance of another intense City-Liverpool match this season, possibly at Wembley in an FA Cup semi-final or final. However, apart from that, there are no other significant events scheduled. Guardiola is set to stay in Manchester for another season, but it is uncertain when, where, or if Klopp will make a comeback. Upon his action, the adversary who has shaped his professional journey may have departed from the Etihad.

When Guardiola expressed his admiration for Klopp following his surprising January revelation, he suggested the possibility of the two individuals finding time to have a meal or a drink together, as they both deserve it. It would be a much anticipated private conversation. What is their true perception of one another? It can be challenging to ascertain.

According to one source, although there is mutual respect between them, they are not close friends. However, when they happen to meet during post-match interviews, they show warmth towards each other and take the time to have a conversation. This is something that Guardiola does not often do with other competitor managers.

Prior to last season’s Community Shield, at the backstage of Leicester City’s King Power Stadium, Guardiola inquired about Klopp’s summer and asked if he engaged in golf. Guardiola has a strong passion for the game, but he and Klopp were unable to agree on this particular matter. Klopp argued that it requires an excessive amount of time. It demonstrates that they occasionally engage in conversations unrelated to football.

However, it is the game that fosters a significant degree of mutual admiration. They have strategically borrowed ideas from one another and significantly affected each other’s approach, possibly more than any other managers in history. In the Premier League, they have propelled each other to unprecedented levels of achievement. There are some individuals at City who doubt whether they would have established such a high standard if it were not for the influence of Liverpool and Klopp motivating them.


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