An Arsenal midfielder expresses a playful response to the draw between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Following the conclusion of the highly anticipated encounter on Sunday, Jorginho promptly conveyed a message to Arsenal supporters. This happened to coincide with Liverpool and Manchester City both failing to secure victories in their respective matches.

Arsenal’s victory against Brentford on Saturday, along with the outcome at Anfield, solidifies their position at the top of the table. All three teams have played the same number of matches.

Without a doubt, Jorginho and his Arsenal teammates would have witnessed with great pleasure as their opponents each lost two points. With a mere 10 games remaining in the Premier League season, each point carries considerable importance.

The draw was an ideal result for the Gunners, firmly placing the title within their control. Should Arsenal successfully triumph in their final 10 matches, it is extremely likely that they would secure the league title. Nevertheless, accomplishing this accomplishment is a challenging endeavor, and both City and Liverpool will be ready to take advantage of any mistakes made by Arsenal.

Will Arsenal maintain their current performance and strategy throughout this season?
Arsenal relinquished a substantial advantage at the forefront of the Premier League last season, prompting them to demonstrate their fortitude this time and clinch their first championship in twenty years.

The current Premier League title race is highly competitive, with three dominant teams closely competing for the top spot. Contrary to popular belief, Manchester City’s dominance in the league this season has been proven incorrect, and now Arsenal has the opportunity to secure victory.

Meanwhile, Arsenal is confronted with a formidable challenge on Tuesday as they strive to reverse a 1-0 disadvantage against Porto in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16.

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