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An angry Man United player told Andre Onana, “You’re the problem,” implying that he was the club’s issue.

An angry Man United player told Andre Onana, "You're the problem," implying that he was the club's issue.

A young Manchester United teammate reportedly made cruel fun of Andre Onana.

When Onana, 27, moved from Inter Milan to Old Trafford, he had a disastrous beginning to his career. His subpar performances—among which one against Galatasaray was especially awful—were a big part of United’s early Champions League elimination.

Onana has reportedly had to put up with backlash from his own teammates during training, despite the fact that his performances have drawn a lot of criticism. According to The Mirror, earlier in the season, Onana’s lack of successful saves seemed to be bothering a young colleague.

Tensions reportedly increased after the painful game in Istanbul, according to a report from The Athletic, when a rookie player allegedly made fun of Onana while he was training. According to the report, they mockingly questioned the dejected shot-stopper, “Are you going to save one or what?”

The Manchester United manager, Erik ten Hag, came under heavy fire for sticking with Onana during the beginning of his tenure at the team. The Dutch goalie, who had previously collaborated with Ten Hag at Ajax, was well-liked when he joined United after helping Inter Milan reach the Champions League final the previous season.

Onana has been playing better lately as he has gradually gotten used to his new role at Manchester United. He acknowledged that the second half of 2023 was likely the hardest period of his career prior to the Manchester derby last weekend.

“It was a difficult period for me,” Onana said. I’m feeling a little better now. I am aware of the type of goalie I am, but it took me six or seven months to feel comfortable in addition to playing well.

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“I found it easy to adjust to life in Milan after moving from Amsterdam. However, I was here for seven or eight months. All that needed to be done was to learn and approach each game one at a time.

“Everything was unfamiliar, and I struggled to feel at home in a foreign country for a variety of reasons. There were only a few moments.

“You have difficult circumstances sometimes, and you don’t feel good or play well because you didn’t think you started out well.”All in all, it was an odd experience, but I learned a lot from it.

“Because at that time I learned a lot.” I learned a lot from representing Inter in the Champions League final and losing in the opening round a few months later.

I try to be happy, move on, learn from my mistakes, and feel like I have everything on my back right now. That is the most crucial factor.

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