Amid Mauricio Pochettino sack pressure, Mourinho fires clear new job message

Amid Mauricio Pochettino sack pressure, Mourinho fires clear new job message

Mourinho sends a strong message about his new position amid pressure to fire Mauricio Pochettino.

The former Chelsea manager has stated that Jose Mourinho will not be rushing into any positions before the end of the season. The Special One, who was fired by Roma in January, has been connected to numerous prestigious positions worldwide but has not yet made a firm decision.

He said to Fabrizio Romano, “I’m ready to start, but sometimes when you end up in a club you feel like you need to take a break, think things through, you know?” “In this instance, I was prepared to go the day after I departed.”

Shortly after the year began, the Friedkin brothers fired the 61-year-old, with Roma languishing in ninth place. Mourinho, who had the third-highest salary bill in the division and was among the highest paid coaches in Italy, lost his third job in less than five years.

Mourinho’s availability has drawn a lot of attention online as Chelsea get ready to evaluate Mauricio Pochettino at the conclusion of his first year in charge—something that was always in the plan for the team. Pochettino was under increasing pressure following the boisterous chants for the three-time Premier League winner during a 2-2 draw against Brentford prior to the international break.

Even though Mourinho hasn’t won a league championship in eight years—that came with Chelsea in the 2014–15 season—he is still a captivating presence to Chelsea fans who are eager to see a new face at the team. Mourinho intends to regain prominence despite his declining domestic results.

He exclaimed, “I feel good and strong.” “I’m really ready and I love the work, but I don’t want to make the wrong decision. I have to exercise patience because I can’t just accept something because I feel that way and am passionate about returning.

It is unlikely, though, that he will accept a position prior to the 2024–2025 campaign. “We’re usually in March. Will something occur in March or April? It’s challenging—very, very challenging. My goal is to begin next summer,” he continued.

When questioned earlier this month while on a visit to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, he responded, “Work tomorrow.” “I am not in a state of rest,” he disclosed to beIN Sports. “I wish to work.” All I want is to avoid making the incorrect choice. I have to wait for the person who inspires me and is right for me. I would work tomorrow if it were possible.

He continued, “I hope [to be back managing soon],” in an interview with Sky Sports. Roma did a great job reaching two European finals in a two-year span, which is no easy feat. However, I now have to bide my time until the ideal moment. If at all possible, I would like to work tomorrow, but I don’t want to choose poorly.

Additionally, he has reaffirmed his flexibility to accept any project without indicating where he might end up. At a home country Moto GP event, he exclaimed, “Zero, zero.” “I have no club; I’m at liberty. However, I’d like to work during the summer.

Despite recent offers, he told Romano that it might still be too early to move to the Saudi Pro League. “If you ask me in the future, I’ll tell you never to say never, but if you ask me why I’m traveling to Saudi today, I’m going to enjoy three days of watching Formula One, boxing, and hanging out with some friends,” he said.

“It’s not because I plan to sign any contracts; rather, it’s because I have until the end of the season to decide what’s best for me.” Additionally, he dispelled rumors that he would replace Roberto Martinez as Portugal’s manager.

Mourinho acknowledged, “Coaching a national team tomorrow is an objective.” Tomorrow, I’m not sure I would have been happy, if you ask me. I would say “yes” if you told me before the World Cup, the Euros, the Copa America, or the African Cup [of Nations].

But, I’m not sure why it took two years to get that work. I don’t know if I was going to enjoy it, but I think maybe one day I will accept it.

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