“Amazing” – Darren Bent can’t believe what age £50m Chelsea player actually is

“Amazing” – Darren Bent can’t believe what age £50m Chelsea player actually is

“Amazing” is how Darren Bent describes the age of the £50 million Chelsea player.

This season at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea has been operating with a very youthful roster, albeit one that is sprinkled with experience. It might be one of the causes of the Blues’ inability to produce any consistency under head coach Mauricio Pochettino.

TalkSPORT analyst Darren Bent recently made an intriguing remark regarding Raheem Sterling, a star player for the Blues.

During the international break, 29-year-old Sterling has had a few weeks to gather his thoughts and regroup.

As the group’s senior member, the attacker has an added obligation to set an example, but since the start of the year, his own performance has significantly declined. Mario Melchiot stated this month on ESPN that Sterling isn’t playing as well as he can at the moment.

Hopefully, he returns to Stamford Bridge with a bang, starting this weekend against Burnley at home in the Premier League.

Bent said he’s “mad” that Sterling is only 29 years old, implying that people think he’s much older.

Furthermore, he believes that if the £50 million player (BBC) improves his club form, there may be a way for him to return to the England national team roster.

“What’s crazy is that he’s only 29 years old.” Bent said to talkSPORT, “You’d think Raheem Sterling was 34 the way people talk about him.”

“I don’t think Sterling’s career in England is over.” However, he has three assists and six goals in the Premier League this year. Raheem Sterling’s season hasn’t gone well. Too unsure of herself at times.

“His career shows that he can catch fire very quickly.”

Raheem Sterling, 29, has accomplished a lot in his short career. He has played at the highest level for more than ten years, spending time with Liverpool, Manchester City, and now Chelsea.

Over the course of 373 Premier League games, the winger has 86 assists and 121 goals.

In addition, he has 20 goals in 82 senior England caps.

The four-time Premier League champion isn’t given the credit he so richly merits.

Chelsea requires more captains.

The lack of exceptional leaders in the Blues group has been evident all season.

We believe Sterling can set an example with his performances, but he needs to regain the consistency that has completely vanished from his game lately.

If the team sticks together for the last few months, there’s still a chance to turn around a subpar season.

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