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Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker slammed for ‘pathetic’ Erik ten Hag interview on BBC

Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker slammed for 'pathetic' Erik ten Hag interview on BBC

Fans were not impressed after watching Erik ten Hag’s interview with the BBC (Image: BBC Sports)

Following the FA Cup final, Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag was questioned by Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer about his future. In response, some people criticized him harshly online.

Following Manchester United’s FA Cup victory, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer questioned Erik ten Hag, drawing backlash on social media.

Months of job rumors have dogged the 54-year-old Dutchman, and on the eve of United’s match against Manchester City on Saturday, there were rumors that he would probably lose his job even if United finished the season with trophies.

Ten Hag was interviewed by BBC Sport following his mastery of a 2-1 victory over United’s neighborhood competitors. But when he was questioned about those rumors, the situation quickly became awkward.

“Do you think this was your last game?” asked Lineker. Ten Hag said, “I don’t know,” in response. My only activity is getting my team ready and growing it. This project belongs to me. I can say that it was a mess when I arrived. We are better now. Not where we want to be, though.

“Trophy wins are the main goal of football. I want to play the best football possible—dynamic, attacking football—but ultimately, winning games and championships is what matters. That’s the mindset we introduced. We only had this one chance, and we took it. I’m incredibly proud of the staff and players.

With a laugh, Lineker concluded the interview awkwardly by saying, “We hope to see you next season!” Ten Hag laughed, too, but instead of continuing the conversation, he went to celebrate.

In response to the interview, some fans criticized Lineker and Shearer harshly on social media. “Lineker and Shearer going in on Ten Hag, to his face, after the man has just won an FA Cup,” a fan wrote on social media. Strangely aggressive interview. Give it some time to relax.”

Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker slammed for 'pathetic' Erik ten Hag interview on BBC

Erik ten Hag’s future at Manchester United is still unclear ( Image: Getty Images)

Shearer and Lineker are just pathetic, another person said, labeling the pair “pathetic” for focusing on the rumors. After Ten Hag wins a significant trophy, they only question him about his work. F***ing awkward.

As one person put it on social media, “I thought the line of questioning by Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer to Erik ten Hag was disrespectful and wrong,” likening the interview to an ambush. Whatever happens to him in the future, he just won the FA Cup. Concentrate on the success. This was an ambush instead. He has the right to retaliate.”

Shearer responded to some fans’ criticism of the interview with a post of his own, defending the interview. The Newcastle legend replied to a post stating that some of the questions were inappropriate by asking, “What was it about the question that you didn’t like? The bit where I said, “You have been s*** for large parts of the season, or the part where your team was incredible today and deserved to win?”

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