THIS IS NOT LIKE THE LAST TIME THEY WON LUCKILY-Joe Gomez fires warning to Man Utd ahead of Liverpool clash

Joe Gomez, a defender for Liverpool, holds the belief that the players from Manchester United will have significant pressure to take on the leading roles in the upcoming match at Old Trafford on Sunday.

This weekend, the Reds will travel a short distance from Merseyside with the aim of sustaining their position in the Premier League title fight.

Erik ten Hag’s team enters this match off a highly disheartening 4-3 loss to Chelsea, despite initially leading 3-2 till the end of regular playing time.

Gomez emphasized that it will be United’s responsibility to initiate an offensive strategy against Liverpool.

“They are currently located in their residence.” Gomez expressed doubt that the atmosphere and fans would approve of the team adopting a defensive strategy and staying back. He anticipates that the team will be motivated and will actively engage with us. It is our responsibility to handle the intense situation and take the initiative to attack them.

Liverpool seeks to retaliate against United for their thrilling 4-3 loss in the sixth round of the FA Cup last month, as they return to Old Trafford.

“The outcome of the previous FA Cup was clearly disappointing for us,” Gomez remarked. “Although we experienced positive periods during the game, we were unable to maintain our advantage. However, we must now focus on the next match.” The upcoming tournament presents a distinct challenge. We are aware that we must generate momentum in order to succeed in this formidable environment. The opposing team remains highly skilled and formidable, necessitating our utmost preparedness and dedication.

Gomez expressed that the most exasperating aspect of the loss was Liverpool’s failure to establish dominance in the match. He emphasized the need of being relentless and seizing opportunities to secure victories, as the outcome of games may change rapidly. With the assumption that we have regained control, it is our intention to once again assume a position of authority in order to administer punishment.


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