Remove the captain badge from Martin Ødegaard now and give it this Arsenal player next season’: Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has warned Arteta to remove the captain badge from Martin Ødegaard or else they will be struggling like Chelsea next season

Take Martin Ødegaard’s captaincy now and award it to this Arsenal player for the upcoming season: Didier Drogba, a Chelsea star, has issued a warning to Arteta, stating that if Martin Ødegaard keeps wearing the captain’s badge, they will struggle the next season, much like Chelsea.

Prior to the upcoming season, Mikel Arteta must make a vital choice regarding the captain of Arsenal: who should wear the armband? As captain, Martin Ødegaard has shown promise, but a change is long overdue. It would be a good idea for Arteta to take Ødegaard’s captaincy away from him and give it to someone more deserving.

Ødegaard’s ability to lead has occasionally been questioned since certain players appear to be disobeying his directions on the field. His own form has also been uneven, which has hindered his capacity to set an example for others. Although he has displayed moments of brilliance, he hasn’t showed the steadiness and authority that a captain must possess.

Conversely, athletes who have demonstrated leadership abilities and a readiness to accept accountability include Declan Rice and Gabriel Jesus. Despite his prior controversy, RICE has grown into a key player in Arsenal’s midfield, and Jesus has set an example for the team with his hard effort and devotion.

It is a good idea for Arteta to think about giving the captaincy to a player who best represents the principles he wants his team to have. A player with the maturity and willingness to learn that Bukayo Saka has shown time and again would be a great addition. Saka is a great choice to lead Arsenal the following season because of his ascent to prominence and commitment to the group.

By taking away Ødegaard’s captaincy, Arteta can make a clear statement about the calibre of work demanded of his teammates. It’s time for Arsenal to find a new captain who can steer the team towards victory.

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