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Man United owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe hits out at ‘very difficult’ and ‘very awkward’ Newcastle

The lengthy notice period of Dan Ashworth has been extended by Newcastle United, and Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a part-owner of Manchester United, is still annoyed by the standoff.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has directed his criticism against Newcastle United for their’very awkward’ and’very difficult’ handling of Dan Ashworth.

Although Newcastle put Ashworth on gardening leave four months ago, Manchester United and the Magpies have not yet come to an arrangement for the sporting director to be released from his contractual gardening leave. There is still a significant difference in what Newcastle is wanting and what Manchester United are willing to pay to allow a valuable employee with a wealth of “intelligence and information” to leave the team before serving his lengthy notice period.

In the past, Sir Jim called Newcastle’s eight-figure demands “silly” and called it “absurd” that Ashworth would be left waiting for payment in his yard till the next year if Manchester United failed to make the payment. The millionaire is obviously still irritated.

The Manchester United part-owner told Bloomberg, “One of the biggest issues in football, which I have to say I wasn’t fully prepared for, was the gardening leave issue, which is not something I bump into in my business world.” “It seems to me that the gardening leave policy implemented in football is completely unnecessary. Because Dan Ashworth has been there for 1.5 years and Omar Berrada has been there for six months, it is just harder to make changes quickly.

“We had a very rational discussion regarding Jason Wilcox with Southampton. We succeeded in resolving that. It’s just that Newcastle is being so weird and tough about Dan. It’s pretty challenging to drive change until you have the people in, which is just annoying.”


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