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Kylian Mbappe names another ‘great’ club he wants to play in after Real Madrid stint

Superstar Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain has identified the “great” league he would love to play in following his time at Real Madrid. Mbappe also names the “great” club he wants to play in.

When Mbappe’s current PSG contract expires on June 30, it is widely anticipated that the world’s best striker, Mbappe, will sign with the Spanish powerhouses this summer.

The 25-year-old has played all of his football in France, and it was believed that Mbappe was open to joining Arsenal prior to deciding on Real Madrid.

Though Mbappe, who won the World Cup, views Thierry Henry as one of his biggest idols, the Gunners did not want to sacrifice their entire wage structure to sign the World Cup winner.

Mbappe’s chances of ever playing for an English Premier League team have somewhat decreased in light of his most recent remarks.

Mbappe has stated that he wants to play for AC Milan in Serie A, the Italian top division.

Football in Italy? At the European Globe Soccer Awards, Mbappe told Sky Sports, “You never know what happens.”

During Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona’s first-leg quarterfinal match in the UEFA Champions League, Kylian Mbappe reacts.

I used to say that I would play for Milan when I was younger because I was a huge fan of the team.

My family and I have always been fans, so we always watch every Milan game in Serie A.

“Serie A is a great championship, and they’ll have more teams in the Champions League next year than any other league. Maybe I’ll play some of them and go there.”

In February, Arteta stated, “We always have to be in the conversation when there is a player of that calibre.”

“There is no doubt that we will require the best players and talent if we are to be the best team.”

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