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Jose Mourinho’s first words as Fenerbahce boss speak volumes after Chelsea verdict

Fenerbahce has embraced former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho with open arms, but one comment should serve as a wake-up call for his former employers.

Jose Mourinho's first words as Fenerbahce boss speak volumes after Chelsea verdict

Jose Mourinho is unveiled as Fenerbahce’s new manager (Image: Hakan Akgun/Anadolu via Getty Images)

The excitement surrounding Jose Mourinho’s arrival at Fenerbahce was so great that the team began a live YouTube stream four hours before he arrived at the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium.

Old compilation clips of Mourinho, mostly from his Premier League days, dominated the build-up. Although his time at Tottenham Hotspur was disregarded, the hype package made significant reference to his memories of Chelsea and Manchester United—not that the throngs of supporters crammed into the Istanbul arena needed much assistance.

The Portuguese head coach appeared strangely anxious about the tumultuous environment he was about to enter as cameras followed him as he made his way through the stadium and into the tunnel. On a tiny piece of paper, he repeatedly recited a few lines before walking outside into the blazing sunshine.

When he said, “Normally, a coach is loved after victories but in this case, I feel I am loved before victories,” it was evident that he had his new fan base in the palm of his hand and that the “Special One” aura had returned. And I assure you that I now feel a great deal of responsibility and that I am a member of your family.”

He paused after every sentence to translate it, but the cheers of his supporters overwhelmed him. However, his subsequent remarks seemed to apply to Chelsea just as much as they do to Fenerbahce.

“Since the moment I met with the president, I wanted to play for you because in the end, you are the soul of the football club,” he stated. “I’ve understood his project since we met, and I want to be your all-around coach.”

“I wish to be employed by Turkish football. The Turkish league is something I would like to work for and improve, but Fenerbahce is more important than Turkish football or the league.”

Fenerbahce President Ali Koc made the following statement via Fanatik prior to his unveiling: “I asked Mourinho, ‘why us?'” “My sole objective is not to become a champion in Turkey; I am coming to succeed in Europe as well,” he declared.

Less than a day prior, Mourinho was criticizing the Chelsea board for appearing to lack a plan from the pitchside of Wembley Stadium. When asked about the plan at Stamford Bridge on Saturday night, he shrugged and said, “I have no idea.”

“Tottenham I’ve got an idea: Tottenham is constantly vying for fourth place, which would be fantastic between fourth, fifth, and sixth. Of course, they can win the Europa League the following season. You can sense that they are investing more, seem to have stability, have an incredible club and facilities, and have such a stunning stadium.

“Chelsea, I really don’t know.” Even though Todd Boehly was never going to re-appoint Mourinho for a third season with the Blues, it is telling that Mourinho believes his new club, which has lower expectations, has more defined plans from above.

Mourinho has stressed twice this weekend that a club needs a structured project if it hopes to compete at the highest level. Before the Italian has to face his own revelation, Boehly would be well to explain the vision to Enzo Maresca.

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