I NEED HELP: Eric Ten Hag CRIES out – Hear what Ten Hag said in TEARS in a press conference this morning

Erik ten Hag, displaying a ruthless demeanor akin to that of Sir Alex Ferguson, has decisively removed Harry Maguire from his captaincy position and expelled David de Gea from the team.


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Since his arrival at Old Trafford, the Dutchman has consistently taken significant decisions, all of which have been vindicated thus far as he continues to pursue additional championships in the 2023-24 season.


At that time, it marked the beginning of the most significant week in Erik ten Hag’s tenure at Manchester United. It involved a crucial Europa League play-off match against Barcelona, followed by the Carabao Cup final. Therefore, the Dutchman instinctively chose to commence it by having a supper with Sir Alex Ferguson.


The duo dined at Cibo restaurant in Wilmslow, where Ferguson currently resides. In addition to savoring Italian cuisine, Ten Hag indulged in the wisdom of the club’s most esteemed manager.


“I derive great pleasure from engaging in conversations with individuals who possess extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience,” Ten Hag subsequently elucidated. “He desires to distribute it, thus he wishes to assist and provide backing.” You perceive Manchester United as his club and he exhibits a strong sense of dedication towards it.


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Ten Hag refrained from divulging specific information about their chat, but given the significant decisions he has made over the futures of Harry Maguire and David de Gea during the past five months, it is certain that they discussed strategies for managing prominent players who are no longer performing at their peak. Indeed, it is one of Ferguson’s areas of expertise.


Ten Hag, who has been with United for just a year, is emulating Ferguson’s approach by making difficult decisions that his predecessors hesitated to make, and focusing on the future.


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Have the courage to reconstruct your team.

Ferguson’s prolonged success during his 26-year tenure at Old Trafford was largely attributed to his strategic team planning. He had no hesitation in parting ways with players, regardless of their contributions to the club.


Ferguson provided a glimpse into his approach to handling a player’s decline when working with the Harvard Business School. In his article titled “Ferguson’s Formula,” the Scottish author detailed eight elements of his leadership at United, one of which he referred to as “Dare to Rebuild Your Team.”


“Our objective was to undergo a gradual evolution by replacing older players with younger ones,” Ferguson clarified. Certain players, like as Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, and Rio Ferdinand, have the ability to sustain their careers for a considerable duration. However, it is important to acknowledge that age is a significant factor.


“The most challenging aspect is to release a player who has displayed exemplary character, despite the overwhelming evidence of their performance on the field.” When observing the alteration or decline, it is necessary to contemplate the future state of affairs two years from now.


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