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HERE WE GO: Man united finally seal midfielder signing after accepting personal terms with the club – Medical ongoing as announcement set to be done today

NOW WE GO: Man United successfully signs a midfield player after he agrees to personal terms with the team. The announcement is scheduled for today, but the player’s medical is still pending.

The legendary Real Madrid player Casemiro has acquired shares in Marbella FC, as the club in question has reported.

The Andalusian club released a statement saying, “Marbella Football Club is pleased to announce that Carlos Henrique Casemiro, star of Manchester United, of the Brazilian national team, and five-time Champions League winner, becomes a new shareholder of our entity from today.”

“Casemiro’s incorporation into the Marbella FC shareholding structure demonstrates his enthusiasm and commitment to the project.” The entire city, not just Marbella, is pleased that an

The statement went on, “The club has a historic opportunity to continue projecting its institutional and sporting strategy in elite football with the confirmation of Casemiro as a new member of the board of directors.”

“It is an honor for me to join Marbella Football Club,” declared Casemiro, “because my greatest motivation is the spectacular possibilities for the club’s growth.”

He went on to say that after taking his family to Marbella on “many occasions,” they fell in love with the city and wanted to be associated with it “for life.”

“We have to celebrate our fantastic promotion to the First Division, but first and foremost, we must dream big to take Marbella to the top,” he emphasized.

Marbella stated

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