“Drop Martinelli to the bench next season and start this player on the left wing for us”- Mikel Arteta has been SERIOUSLY WARNED to stop using Martinelli and start £47M player on the wing for Arsenal if He really wants to win the premier league title next season- Not Trossard, Not Smith Rowe and not Vierra

“On the bench”: A Sky pundit claims he would actually bench Martinelli and start Arsenal’s £45 million player on the wing.
Gabriel Jesus would ideally start for Arsenal on the left wing, according to Jay Bothroyd.

While discussing which attackers in the Premier League were the finest and worst, Bothroyd said on Sky Sports’ Saturday Social that he doesn’t even think the £45 million player qualifies as a striker.

According to the pundit, in a perfect scenario, Jesus would go to the left and Gabriel Martinelli would be benched as Arsenal signed a world-class number nine.

Martinelli would be benched for Jesus by Bothroyd.
The pundit expressed his opinion on Jesus’s position and his dream Arsenal squad.

“I can’t claim that Gabriel Jesus is a striker or a number nine, so I have to agree with you there. He doesn’t score enough goals; his greatest seasons have come from wide areas, Bothroyd noted.

“When Arsenal originally got Jesus, I thought that they still needed to recruit a striker who could score 15–20 Premier League goals a year. He’s not an A-list player. I would start Jesus on the left, Saka on the right, and Martinelli on the bench if we signed a top nine player.

The ultimate assault
Although it sounds absurd to imply that you would drop Martinelli for any member of this Arsenal team, we have to agree that the prospect of Arsenal adding a top-tier striker to their roster is tantalising.

Mikel Arteta would have a great deal of flexibility to switch between players like Bukayo Saka, Jesus, Martinelli, and this new striker, enabling each player to take breaks as needed.

Does Arsenal require a new forward? Probably not, but these days, you need to have several high-end choices in nearly every function if you want to be a truly exceptional club.

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