Chelsea players face having several foods banned under new manager Enzo Maresca

Chelsea players face having several foods banned under new manager Enzo Maresca

Under Enzo Maresca and his coaching staff, Chelsea players will probably be exposed to a rigorous training-ground cuisine, with a few meals perhaps being removed.

After Mauricio Pochettino left Chelsea, Maresca, who led Leicester City to Premier League promotion in 2023–2024, was named Chelsea’s new head coach.

Six members of his backroom crew will be joining the 44-year-old in west London on July 1st, when he formally begins work: Willy Caballero, Danny Walker, Michele De Bernardin, Javi Molina, Roberto Vitiello, and Marcos Alvarez.

Alvarez, a seasoned fitness coach who gained recognition for his techniques at previous clubs Spurs, Sevilla, Parma, and Leicester, is anticipated to implement a rigorous diet at Cobham.

When Alvarez was working under Juande Ramos at Spurs, it is even claimed that he removed fruit juice, cake, salt and pepper, and sauce from the menu. He even forced the players to shed a total of 100 kg.

When Alvarez was a member of the coaching staff at Spurs in 2007, Jamie O’Hara and Darren Bent talked openly about their diets under his supervision.

They even proceeded to visit McDonald’s in secret.

“Juande Ramos outlawed ketchup and all sauces when he took over. He took it quite seriously. Throughout his entire stay, O’Hara only had dry pasta and chicken, she told talkSPORT.

“When there is no sauce for anything, going on a pre-season excursion was difficult. All you’re eating is pasta and dried chicken.

“I remember the security guy, Alan Dixon who is still there now, used to sneak the boys out and get McDonald’s.”

Bent continued, “That was it—one choice for meat, one for fish, and possibly some basic rice and veggies. There was no flavor—neither salt nor pepper! Nor was there a collapse.

Additionally, there was dry pasta—a noodle choice devoid of sauce. You try eating spaghetti by itself, sans sauce. Pasta without any sauce, seasoning, or even tomatoes.

Our captain, Ledley King, expressed concern over the food and said, “Listen, gaffer, we’re struggling here.” To be honest, it was hard. It was quite difficult to eat the dish.”


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