Breaking News: Truth behind Olise’s release clause after Chelsea’s shocking blunder

EXCLUSIVE: Truth behind Olise’s release clause after Chelsea’s shocking blunder

Michael Olise’s release clause at Crystal Palace is bigger than previous reports indicated, FootballTransfers can reveal, but that is not about to stop Chelsea making a bold approach for the former France U21 winger.

In cooperation with the Transfers Podcast, FootballTransfers can reveal that Olise’s release cost at Selhurst Park is over £60 million, with the Blues willing to match that sum in order to capture the 22-year-old.

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Duncan Castles outlined exactly what is going on behind the scenes both at Palace and Chelsea, and how the transaction is playing out as these clubs would wish for the time being.

The media has reported that the release clause has a value of £60 million. It’s over £60 million, I’ve been told. There have also been other reports claiming that Champions League clubs are the only ones who can access it. It’s not limited to Champions League teams, I’m also told. I believe that was intentionally done by Crystal Palace,” Castles said.

“I believe that one important thing to keep in mind in this situation is that you are attempting to sign from Crystal Palace and from Steve Parish. Additionally, one of the best negotiators in the English football transfer market is Steve Parish. makes it difficult for his teammates to go. Players are not permitted to depart unless it is in his best interests.

“After Chelsea attempted to take Olise on under his prior release clause last summer, they agreed an upgraded four-year contract with him in August 2023. And the reason they failed, I’m informed, was that they didn’t follow the right legal process to trigger that release clause.

“Parish was able to stop the move as a result of it, get him to sign a new contract, raise the value, and put himself in a position where he will receive a larger fee and a very significant fee for the player if someone matches it this summer.”

“Very likely,” Olise accepts Chelsea contract
Chelsea is being more strict this time around, even though things didn’t work out for them the previous summer.

Leading authority on the football transfer market Castles clarified, “We’ve seen in the last week that Chelsea have been granted permission to speak to the player, which is an indication that they’ve told Parish they will meet that release clause, should the player agree to join to them.”

“That strikes me as a very precise tactic employed by Crystal Palace to utilise Chelsea as a market maker. There, they are proving that the division’s biggest spending club is willing to pay their price, which implies that everyone else—Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle United, etc.—must do the same. Potential suitors Bayern Munich have also been touted.

They now understand that, should Olise agree to join Chelsea, they will need to have personal terms with them, which I believe he will most likely do.

Breaking News: Truth behind Olise’s release clause after Chelsea’s shocking blunder

Another aspect of this is that, following the conclusion of this window, his agent—one of these agents with few players—is scheduled to face a six-month ban. He has an incentive to close this contract within this window in order to serve as the deal’s acting agent.

The price is set if Chelsea and Olise agree on personal conditions, at which point there is a competition to match or surpass that amount. Parish also receives the release clause, if not more in the future.

“I believe there’s a strong likelihood that this one lasts for a while.”

Liverpool’s interest in Olise has also been exclusively revealed by FootballTransfers, however a deal will need to be pushed through by Chelsea.

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