Breaking News: Roy Keane fires blunt Liverpool Premier League title message to Jurgen Klopp

Arsenal, Man City, and Liverpool are presently in a three-way race for the Premier League championship.

Roy Keane fires blunt Liverpool Premier League title message to Jurgen Klopp

Roy Keane has spoken about Liverpool’s title challenge (Image: Sky Sports)

Roy Keane, a former midfielder for Manchester United, thinks that Liverpool must win a second Premier League title to conclude the Jurgen Klopp era.

This season, the manager made it known that he would be leaving the team in the summer. After nine years at Anfield, where the team won the Premier League title for the first time, it is coming to an end.

By winning the championship twice, Liverpool hopes to provide the ideal ending to the Klopp era. However, they are engaged in a three-way match with Arsenal and Man City.

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Speaking prior to Sunday’s 2-2 draw at Old Trafford against Manchester United, Keane asserted that the Anfield team needed to win another championship.

“They won the title, and it was difficult when they won it in terms of Covid and not enjoying it with supporters, so possibly from the players’ point of view, you do have to back it up with another title if you want to go down that road and be compared as one of the great teams,” he stated prior to kickoff on Sky Sports.

I’m aware that one wouldn’t be sufficient for me. That’s not something they’re afraid of, and that’s what great players do. They welcome the challenge. They should get another title, in my opinion.

Nonetheless, Jamie Redknapp, a former Liverpool player, does not entirely concur with his fellow pundit. If Liverpool doesn’t win the league, he added, “I don’t think it changes the legacy of Jurgen Klopp or this Liverpool team; they’ll still go down in history as one of the great teams.”

“The club’s ingrained football style has been absolutely phenomenal, and they won the Champions League.” The manager is that person.

“After 30 years without a title, he arrived and restored everyone’s faith in them. He is a legend, a true phenomenon. How in the world do you replace a guy like that? He’s been so, so good, and he’s more than just a football manager—he’s embodied everything that city is.”

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