Bayern could still turn to Rangnick to replace Tuchel!

At first, Bayern had identified Julian Nagelsmann as a potential candidate to come back to the club and take over as manager, replacing the outgoing Tuchel at the end of the season. Nevertheless, Nagelsmann’s decision to sign a new deal with the German national team until 2026 has caused Bayern to change their managerial intentions, leading them to hunt for other candidates.

According to reports from L’Equipe, Bayern may consider Rangnick as an unexpected choice to fill their vacant management position. The individual, who is 65 years old, has experience in the field of football management, however his time at Manchester United is a subject of disagreement in his professional history. Upon assuming temporary leadership of the Red Devils in November 2021, Rangnick’s tenure seen the Red Devils achieve their lowest points tally in the history of the Premier League. During his tenure, United achieved a total of 11 victories, 10 draws, and eight losses in 29 games, highlighting the difficulties he encountered as the captain.

Bayern’s interest in Rangnick arises from their urgent requirement for an interim figure to assume the management responsibilities until Xabi Alonso becomes potentially available, notwithstanding the varied reaction of his time at Manchester United. Alonso, the candidate favored for the management position, recently reaffirmed his dedication to Bayer Leverkusen after a triumphant season that resulted in a momentous victory in the Bundesliga. Due to this development, Bayern has been forced to look for a temporary solution, and Rangnick has emerged as a suitable choice to guide them through this period of change.

In addition to his previous experience as a manager, Rangnick has made significant contributions to football through his pioneering tactics and prominent involvement in player development. Rangnick is widely recognized as a key figure in developing gegenpressing, a pressing style characterized by great intensity. His tactical expertise has had a significant impact on the modern game, with several notable managers, like Jurgen Klopp, adopting his ideas. In addition, during his time as a director of football at Red Bull, he successfully implemented a youth development system that led to the growth and success of many talented football players who have achieved recognition on an international level.


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